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Every writer seeks a platform to share their ideas and expertise to the world. We highly value writers and content. Therefore, we are here to see what great skills you have and how good you can write. This platform is the best place where you can express your expressions and feelings and attract a large number of readers. Not only this, there are many more reasons which would benefit you to share your thoughts here.

Brand Promotion

Are you looking for a place where you can market your brand? Then this is the best community where you get a chance to write about your brand and post a brief content below in the author’s content section. The best part is that just in $25 you can add a link or website in the below bio. Random Password will help viewers to access your brand or page easily. Do remember that for every other link we will charge you an additional $25.

Target Audience

Many of you would be looking for a place to share your success and life stories. You can post an article regarding your brand's success story, and this will help you to reach out to your intended viewers. This site is one right way to share your success story and get access to the readers you want.

We Respect Everyone

We try to make every writer glad and happy who visits our page. Random Password tries to approve as much as work it can and stay connected to them. Our representatives promptly respond to you and make you aware of any updates as soon as possible. Valuing people is our priority!

Regular Writers

Random Password appreciates regular contributors and loves to see their post regularly. We don’t restrict Regular writers from writing whatever they want to. We appreciate those who regularly participate here and send us their thoughts regarding a variety of topics. But they have to make sure that they follow every guideline mentioned below so that their work doesn’t get rejected.

What We Want

It's your choice

As we value writers, therefore, we accept whatever thoughts you want to share with us and the world. However, we expect the same from the writers and request them to write about appropriate topics which can get accepted without any refusal. You can choose any topic related to Cyber Security, Piracy, Security, Encryption, Hacking, Etc.

However, we do have some limitations, and we expect our writers to avoid any content on pornography, promotions of sexual products, censorship or any illegal or wrong thing which usually should avoid to post or share here. Kindly refrain from sending us articles related to any of these or we might have to reject your work.


There are some points which every writer should consider before sending their work. We don’t usually like rejecting any piece, but the following points might get the article refused. If we find further grammatical issues or if the work is not well formatted then we might not accept it. Make sure that you check your work thoroughly before sending it. Apart from that make sure your work is above 1000 words. Below the word limit, we accept your work if the article is extraordinarily significant. We highly value and prioritise unique work so make sure you avoid plagiarism. Most importantly make sure that you have an attractive heading or intro; otherwise, readers might not get attracted to your work, and you won’t get a lot of viewers. A higher number of viewers would motivate you to write more.


What are you waiting for? If you want to share your thoughts with the world, then go ahead and send us your work. Random Password is the world of content, and we appreciate every writer. Send as much as work you can and get a chance to become one of our top contributors. That surely doesn’t mean that every piece of yours will be approved. Make sure you follow all guidelines and avoid things which are not appropriate. Feel free to contact us via the address mentioned below:


For further information or queries, feel free to email us or fill the contact us form. We will be there to help you at all times.

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