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It is important for all to read these terms and conditions. The conditions are applicable to all customers and users. If you don’t agree to any terms, kindly refrain from using these services. If you agree to the terms and conditions, you will be unavoidable to the terms or any other legal consequences. Therefore, we would request you to go through all the conditions carefully.


This service will manage your password, details, images, text or any other information shared with us. It can discontinue the service at any time without notifying. Any modification of the services will be in compliance with the terms and conditions.


Some of the services are charged on a monthly or yearly basis. On a periodic basis, you will be charged in advance. At the end of every month or year, the renewal will be charged automatically. Therefore you are required to fill in all your payment details such as name, address, zip code, and other details accurately. If you don’t want to renew your services, you can contact Randompassword. or through your online account management. By entering all your credit card details, you authorize Randompassword. to charge you with subscriptions. Any payment made is nonrefundable. You further agree with any currency conversion charges or taxes charged. All payments would be charged in Dollars US.


Randompassword offers its users a free trial for a few days. In order to avail this, you are required to enter all your payment information. You will not be charged during the trial period but as soon as the trial expires on the last day, you will be automatically charged. If you don’t want to continue, you may cancel the process before being charged. At any time Randompassword. has full right to modify or cancel the free trial.

Subscription fee changes

Randompassword has the right to change or modify the subscription charges at any time. It will give you a decent notification time about the changes. You will be charged with the subscription as soon as the notifying period ends. IF you don’t agree with the changes, you aye cancel your charges. From the next subscriptions, you will be charged with the modified subscription charges.

Refund policy

As mentioned above, all payments made are nonrefundable. However, some charges might be refundable case to case. Randompassword has all right to make refunds if the case allows it to.

Account policy

While creating your account, make sure you fill in the correct information. Any wrong information would lead to breaching the terms and conditions. Make sure to use an appropriate password as you will be solely responsible for the password you use for the service.

Make sure you don’t share your password with any third party and if you feel that your account is being misused at any point feel free to contact us.

Refrain from using any unnecessary or vulgar names. You are not allowed to use any other person name or any unauthorized name. Property

You are prohibited to use any image or text from the service for any commercial use. If you do so you will breach the terms and conditions. Everything is protected by copyright so refrain from breaching any term.

Your data

You allow Randompassword to restore or retrieve your data for this service. We may copy your data to provide you with the services. Links

This service has the link to different websites which are not owned and controlled by Randompassword. The service is not responsible for any actions taken by the third party. Before sharing any information, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the third party websites. We will not be responsible for any misconduct or breach.

Terms of termination

You are allowed to close down your account at any time. You will be charged the subscription until you login in and close your account or contact us.

Randompassword can also cease your account if you breach and terms of the service. You will be sent a notification before they cease your account via email. In any case, if sending a notification would be a danger for the service then we have complete right to cease your account on an urgent basis. Your account will only be ceased if you highly breach any term or condition.


Randompassword and the team are not liable for any loss to you or your personal liability. In any case, if you face losses to your tangible or intangible assets, the service will not be responsible.

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