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We try to take as less information as possible. If we have less information, there will be no way the data could be misused. We prioritize the safety of our customers and try to keep their data as secure as possible. Your data is only used in order to provide you with the service. Our policy is according to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We don’t transfer or use any data from our customers and users.


We use two different ways to save your data: Secure data and service data. Both are created in such a way that they keep the data of customers secure and safe.

• Secure data

This type of data is unreachable for us. It is totally decrypted and we will only use that data which is needed to provide the service. Secure data is completely your property and we have no right to access it.

• Service data

Service data is only retained in order to provide you with the service. The staff members are allowed to access that data which is needed such as images or name. Such data is necessary in order to provide the data. Apart from that service data is highly confidential and is not shared with anyone.

Diagnostic data

This data is not mandatory for customers to provide while creating the account. The optional data is filled in so that later if a problem occurs, the data can be used to recover the account. This data may be sensitive but the service uses it when it is necessary.

Information safety

We highly respect secure and service data of users; therefore, we have used high mechanisms to keep them safe and secure. The control system is strong enough to secure all sorts of data.

Customer support

Customer support services for randompassword are based in the United States. If you need any help, an email to the customer service can be sent. Communication

You may receive notifications regarding updates and other important information. However, you can stop getting that information by enabling the settings.


As soon as you create an account, you get a security key and master password. The security key is automatically generated by the system while on the other hand the master password is created by the user. Make sure the master password is strong and unique as it contains a huge amount of your data. If someone knows your security key and master password both then your data is highly at risk. Randompassword will never ask for any of these both and don’t sent it either. This means that you are responsible to keep your data safe and secure through the master password and security key.


Once you discontinue your account, you will be allowed to export all your data so we will no longer have access to any of your personal details. At any time you can also request for a screenshot to see what data can be seen by us. Case by case we will send you the details after authentication via email. As the owner of the account has complete rights over their data, therefore, they can at any time delete the account. If they want the data deleted then after deleting the account they are required to contact us and request for the deletion of data. Within 72 hours the data will be removed.

Underage consent

People under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the service without any consent from their parents or guardian. Authentication is made before generating the account for them.

Breach and updates

If any customer breaches the terms and conditions, the account will be ceased but a notification will be sent before the account is closed. If at any case the notification period seems a danger for randompassword then they will cease the account without notifying. Apart from that if any updates are made then a notification will be sent to inform all customers and users.

Contact details

feel free to contact us for further details and queries via mail.

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