The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Information Over The Internet

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Information Over The Internet

The Internet is our friend and our enemy at the same time. It helps us with so much and connects us with the rest of the world. However, if you are not smart with your presence on the Internet, then you can end up in trouble. Although, the developments in the tech industry are trying to make everything more secure but, the hackers are getting smarter as well. The hackers are not the only ones after your data or information. The Government is getting nosier as well which may be for security purposes but, your information is not safe from them unless you know how to really protect it. Apart from the Government, selling information to third parties is a trend right now for which various social media sites and other websites are facing legal consequences. In the midst of all this chaos, this ultimate guide will help you learn how to protect your information on the Internet.

  1. Protect your devices:

Your devices are where all the information is stored. If someone is able to get a hold of them, then they do not need to use any tools to get into your accounts. They can simply access your browser and steal all of your private information. Hence, setting up a strong password on your devices is the first step towards protecting your information on the internet. It is recommended that you set up passcodes instead of fingerprints or face recognition because they are not as secure as a strong passcode.


  1. Set up strong and unique passwords for your accounts:

Majority of us get very lazy when it comes to setting up passwords for our accounts. This is because we do not think that someone might hack us. Hence, we use passwords which are easy to remember. Always keep in mind that passwords that are easy to remember are easier to crack. Hackers have figured out some rules and patterns according to which the majority of us set our passwords. In order to set up a strong and unique password, you should avoid the basic mistakes and follow the tips below:

  1. Do not use words that are related to you in any way.

  2. Do not use numbers that are related to you in any way.

  3. Make sure that your password is completely unique and random.

  4. Avoid writing the first letter in uppercase.

  5. Avoid adding numbers at the end of the password.

  6. Avoid the use of common special characters like: ?,/,#,%,&,!

  7. Avoid using common numbers like 0,1,2, and 3.

  8. Using ‘0’ instead of ‘o’ or ‘3’ instead of ‘e’ is not going to protect your information.


  1. Use an online strong password generator:

If, after reading the tips given above you are left confused as to how can you set up a secure password then you can use a password generator? These online strong password generators help in coming up with a strong password which cannot be cracked by a conventional hacker. Do not worry because these password generators are very secure as they do not store your password. All you have to do is check a few boxes and click on the ‘generate’ button, and you will have a strong and unique password. Do not forget to write or note that password somewhere because it will not be something that you can remember easily.


  1. Encrypt your messaging tools:

You should not only worry about the information that you have shared in those messages but, you must also think about the metadata. It is the type of information which is used to set up your profile and for your verification. Many messaging apps like WhatsApp have been encrypted which means that there is no third party reading the messages between you and the other person.


  1. Do not share too much information:

After making sure that your password is protected, make sure to keep yourself from sharing too much as well. Do not share your password with anyone and also avoid adding personal information unless it is required for signing up.

Make sure that all your accounts are protected by strong and unique passwords which are extremely hard to crack.

Written by Erin Melissa
Erin Melissa is a writer from Southern California. She specializes in WordPress, tech, business and founded Random Password. When not writing all the things, she’s spending time with her family.