POS support should run much deeper than simple troubleshooting services

Technical support may be a key consideration when buying any POS system, but particularly for those within the hospitality industry. When trouble looms, time is of the essence, and your POS support staff should be ready and ready to troubleshoot any problem and obtain your system up and running so you’ll return your full attention to the business at hand – keeping your customers happy. Here at Restaurant POS Central we’ve partnered with the highest POS vendors within the industry. Our goal is to assist you discover the purpose of sale system with the type of support staff you would like to understand even greater success during a highly competitive market.
What happens once you need help together with your POS during these off hours? simply because business hours stop, doesn’t mean your sales should, too. Your point of sale must be up and running at full capacity 24/7, and an excellent POS support team make sure that your business runs smoothly any day, any time.

80% of individuals like better to speak with a buyer on the phone because it results in faster resolutions. what is going to you are doing if your POS support team doesn’t operate weekends? Sometimes your store is just too busy for you to write down out an email, and sometimes you only need verbal communication to thoroughly address your issue.

Opt for a POS with a support team that has extended hours. The team should be available a day of the week to quickly and effectively address issues and help the retailer to continue operating at full capacity.

Training and Education
Educational, holistic support can make all the difference between an honest POS system team and an excellent POS support team.

As mentioned earlier, POS support should run much deeper than simple troubleshooting services. Sure, some issues are often easily resolved during a quick email exchange, like password resets or configuration setting questions. But what happens once you need customized business reports or help importing large amounts of SKU data?

Say you’re adding a replacement product to your store database, and you can’t quite remember what data belongs within the “Product Category” field. After performing some research, you reach bent your POS support team for help. they will either:
• Explain what data typically goes within the “Product Category” field
• Give specific samples of data that’s typically entered within the “Product Category” field specific to your business type, and means how the category are often wont to organize your products.
Which would you prefer? We’re guessing the latter. High-quality POS system should take education under consideration .

And what about trainings? Does your POS support team allow you to return back for extra one-on-one trainings, or are you merely pointed to their software documentation? One reason why retailers need a robust POS system team is because they will point them to best practices when fixing their product and customer databases. Some retailers could also be capable of doing this on their own et al. may have a touch hand-holding.

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