Choosing the Right POS Support

Clearly, 24/7 POS support is critical within the fast-paced restaurant industry. That being said, it’s also important to know just what sort of support you’re getting for your investment. When choosing a POS system, and therefore the technical support that comes with it, the subsequent questions should be uppermost in your mind.
• But again, due the character of the restaurant industry, support for even non-critical issues is probably going to be needed at odd hours, making it all the more important that your support team be available 24 hours each day , 7 days every week
• Does the seller Understand the Hospitality Industry?: this is often key, because a restaurant’s point of sale needs are different from other retail establishments. a 1 size fits all approach is never suitable for a high traffic restaurant.
• Does the seller Offer Live Support?: Live support is critical. Automated help lines rarely offer the technical support you would like . Ideally, the support team should be ready to remotely access your POS system to troubleshoot any problems and effect an answer .
• Is the Support Staff Knowledgeable?: Your POS support team should be highly trained, with hand-on knowledge of your system and its software.
• What is that the Average Support Answer Time?: this is often a key question, and therefore the vendor should be ready to supply a typical reaction time for his or her support service. as an example , some POS vendors advertise a 30 second reaction time with an estimated 10 minute call completion.
• Is POS Support Direct, or Does it undergo a Phone Tree?: It’s important that you simply are ready to contact your support staff directly, without browsing an automatic response filter.
To give you a far better idea of the sort of POS support that ought to be available to you, lets check out a couple of of the highest vendors within the industry.
• Bevo POS: Bevo may be a POS vendor with years of experience serving both the retail and restaurant industries. they supply direct access to technical support 24 hours each day , 7 days every week . assistance is available both online and by telephone. Bevo’s POS support are fully redundant and protected to the cloud, minimizing the probabilities of downtime and making it easier for support staff to troubleshoot any problems and devise an answer .
Ambur POS: Ambur is entirely focused on the POS needs of the restaurant industry. Their iOS based POS systems comes with round-the-clock support. Troubleshooting is handled by a highly trained support team who are quick to reply to customer concerns. Regular software updates are designed to reply to, and to deal with , the precise needs of restaurant owners and employees. System data is automatically backed-up to the cloud for increased safety and enhanced performance.
• Vivonet: Vivonet offers POS support for a spread of various restaurant types, from full service to quick service. Their 24/7/365 support team provides quick solutions to difficult problems, with attention on getting customers up and running again as soon as possible. Vivonet has one among the very best customer satisfaction ratings, earning a 9 out of 10 for his or her technical support staff.

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